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DSS Rehab: A Primer

This might just be a replacement for a while. Managing our own hosting is a pain, and I don't know if we want to go back there. I'm just starting this, and not really planning to own this in any way, so ideas are welcome. Still, here are a few thoughts:

  1. Let's keep our own blogs and post links here, or copies. That way we don't panic if we have to shift again
  2. I've opened the comments section to "all registered users". I don't know why we should have comments only from the group
  3. New members: Too many new members is something I'm sceptical about. Let's start with the group that we already have. And add people by referrels, the old way.
  4. Everyone knows my views on "freedom of speech", still: let's assume we're all adults and all are equals. Moderators here will be just people who have time to do ghodagiri (or gadhagiri). I'm volunteering myself.
  5. Let's write. Let's comment. Let's read. Let's buckwaas. To each his own.
  6. If you belong to DSS and want to belong to DSS-rehab send me a mail at amit DOT phansalkar AT gmail DOT com
  7. New blogger has "label" support. Use it. You can label a post with your nick too, just so that you can get all your posts easily.

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Lol @ghodagiri

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