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Because: without rehabilitation, we are lost.


how true!

good that there is this rehab program. am enroling...

That was fast !! Hey there imp and asuph.. Wherez my referal bonus ?

Make way, make way - I want to enrol too!!!!

asuph ji pls to enroll me too .... !

I can't see the shoutbox (easily). When the dss-rehab page comes up, I don't see it . Only when I click on the ghostly empty space on right and refresh, It comes alive. But even that is short lived. The moment I post a message , it dissapears again. I am using IE-6.

Any tips to overcome these shoutbox glitches ?

Just to prove that I desperately need a good rehab program to retain my insanity, I goofed upon the action required to enrol. So I request the good doc to send me another invite...

hey cn,

give me your gmail id so that i can send an invite.


(Maybe I should erad the other posts first, but) What happened to DSS? And if it's hosting space/bandwidth we need, whether temporarily or longterm, let me know. I have a barely used account with a reliable domain/hosting service!

And thanks to Crystal for sending me this link :)


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